Club Policies

Attendance Policy

Synchronized swimming is a team sport and regular attendance and prompt arrival times are important to all members of the team. The following are the attendance expectations for Summit Synchro: 

  • Please notify the coach if you are unable to attend practice;
  • Athletes should notify coaches asap when they cannot attend practice;
  • No practices should be missed within three weeks of a major meet;
  • Family vacations and optional school trips should not be arranged three weeks prior to or during major competitions (e.g., Atlantic Competition) and it is recommended you speak to the team coach about the possibility of making up missed classes at the swimmers expense;
  • If an athlete is unable to attend a swim meet they should notify the coach as soon as possible so that the team routine can be adjusted accordingly, and so that the swimmer can be withdrawn from the competition;
  • If an athlete misses more than three consecutive practices due to illness, the coach may request a one on one meeting with the parent/athlete to determine if they are able to proceed with training;
  • Termination of participation in Summit Synchro must be given in writing to the Board of Directors;
  • If the entry deadline has passed there is no refund and your account is expected to be in good standing for the full season.


 Consequences of Attendance Violations

  • The team coach will speak with the athlete and/or the parents after a monitored period to discuss the importance of regular attendance
  • If unresolved the Head Coach, team coach and a board member will attend a meeting with the athlete and a parent to discuss the problem.
  • Ongoing violations with attendance will result in the termination of the participant in Summit Synchro with no refund for the current season.

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