Christmas Watershow 2020

Due to COVID-19 Guidelines and facility limitations all attendees must register in advance. Additionally there is a limit of two (2) attendees per athlete. Recordings will be available for anyone not able to attend. All attendees must do a self-assessment the day of the show and if experiencing any flu like symptoms must not attend. Masks are mandatory.

The show will be run in a three block format:

Block 1: 1 Day Recreational, Pre-Competitive 5:45 - 6:20

Block 2: 10U Team, 11-12 Team, 13-15 KW Team (Kayleigh) 7:15 - 7:45

Block 3: 13-15 JC Team (Jess), 13-15 AV Team (Alicia), Senior Team 8:05 - 8:50

Once your viewing block has been completed please exit promptly via the upstairs door immediately off the viewing area.

(if only one attendee please enter N/A for this field)

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